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WELCOME TO GROUND XERO, we are a Pop-Culture themed Gastropub in Northfield, Ohio!  We provide a menu that caters to all people whether you're someone craving something classic or looking for a local place with a vegan option! All of our food is homemade and we support our local food suppliers! The concept for GROUND XERO was created through our passion of food, film, music, games, and taking extraordinary care of great people. We are determined to bring people together from all walks of life in the name of stellar food, primo drinks, and positive vibes! We offer Dinner Movie Nights, Live Music, a Game Lounge, Comedy Nights, and More Special Events! Look at our Events Tab for more info on what is upcoming!

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MEET THE OWNERS kevin and tiffany


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we always get the same question from our guests: "How did they meet? Are they family?"

Let us tell you a little about Kevin O'Donnell and Tiffany Dos Santos. the two of them met through a local film director who brought them together to form a team to compete in the 48 hour film festival. Kevin acted and assisted with videography while Tiffany did scriptwriting and also starred in the film. Kevin and Tiffany went on to work in the restaurant industry experiencing different unique concepts together and individually. Tiffany helped Kevin run a bar that he owned downtown called The Alley of Victory for a few years before parting ways. (The band broke up for four years.) Due to covid, Kevin decided to leave the restaurant industry and follow his passion for filmmaking, enrolling into school for digital cinematography. Tiffany then went on to work in a physical therapy office for a little while. Due to Kevin's film projects, he reached back out to Tiffany to add a fellow creative mind. With the band now back together, they started catching up on what they have been up to all of this time. The both of them felt a need to follow their creativity and build something big. With combined experience in the restaurant industry, conversation about starting Ground Xero was born. Tiffany left her old job behind to assist in this new venture. They wanted to combine all of the elements of their love of pop culture with their gift for serving others with a high standard. Their goal is to create an atmosphere where everyday is a movie. Thank you for being a part of our cast! 

kevin and tiffany still participate in the film fests, so if you are interested in being in our team, feel free to reach out to us, you never know... you might just be our next big star!

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